The Cryptology of the Soul

Cátia Machado dos Santos

Complete Self-Analysis Manual with the Runic Keys

The Runes presented in this Work are unique, they are the Hermetic decoding of the Laws that govern the Universe.


These Runes provide the reading, at a conscious level, of our DNA. Of our true history.

This is a Self-Help Manual that allows us to cleanse traumas that generate diseases, mental garbage, fears and anguishes that prevent us from seeing, understanding and rescuing who we really are.

Runic translation into cryptographic keys (or instruments) makes it possible to unlock the access code to the DNA of individual cosmic origin.

The process is individual and independent, resulting in infinite and different outcomes for each one who access it.

Readings, responses and codes will be read, understood and experienced in different vibrations.

The same symbol will be interpreted, read and conducted in infinite different ways and forms according to the intent and the questioning of each individual.

You will do your Self-Initiation on the Runes yourself, so you will walk the path becoming Guardian of yourself, without masters or intermediaries.

Intuition is the Guide, and the Path is the Return to Origin, which will be remembered, recreated and reunited to the original source of who we are.

Good diving, good return, good journey.

Book content

Inner Diving

The Kybalion

The Symbols


Specific Programming

Storage Process of the Records

Reading of Causal Record


How to work with the Runes

Breach of Contract


The Runic Journey 

Space-time, dimensions and vibrations, DNA cleansing

False Records

Zero Point, Point of Causality, Singularity, Death and Conscious Rebirth

Leaving the Realm of the Dead, The Principle of Self-Help

Beyond the Mind



Cosmic Ether

The Symbols in the Quantum Reading of the Inner Universe

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