The Symbols in the Quantum Reading of the Inner Universe

The Symbols in the Quantum Reading of the Inner Universe

“Even though the theory of quantum physics is focused on microcosmic phenomena, they are reflected in all macrocosmic aspects. Since all things in the universe are made from molecules, atoms and other subatomic particles.”[1]

Principle of Correspondence: “as above, so below”, the universe is repetitive, what changes is the vibration.

“Scientists recreate the universe in laboratories. Physicists "de-measure" particles and they return to life: quantum reincarnation.”[2]

“Matter is the result of quantum vacuum fluctuations. All matter of the universe is virtual, originating from mere fluctuations of energy”[3]   (Vibration).

Big Bang, White Hole (past), Black Hole (future). Horizon of inverse events.

“All lines have their origin in singularity.”

“Gravitational singularity or space-time is a point of space-time in which the mass, the density, the curvature of space-time and the gravitational field of a body are infinite.”[4]  

According to the Laws of Quantum Mechanics (Quantum = quantity) the passage from one value to another occurs in a discontinuous way. Time is neither linear nor absolute. Time is relative. Two observers will see time move at different speeds. According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, two observers will be able to see two events in an inverted time.

Different vibration, different time. For an insect time is slower than for a human (Principle of Vibration).

According to relativity, space-time can be extremely curved and connect two distant regions by a shortcut (Wormhole or Einstein-Rosen Bridge).[5]  

If I become the observer of myself, and in a conscious way, cross the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, arriving on the other side, I will find my other part at the point of causality of that particular vibrational band.

By the Principle of Cause and Effect and the Law of Return, we can cross the wormhole and reach the point of causality through the Principle of the Law of Return. When encountering with our other energy, the vibration changes and the quantum leap takes place. Which is the passage through the wormhole. Change of vibration; change of destiny.

The history of the past can be read in fossils, trees, ice, etc. Everything is recorded in the universe. Just as in our inner universe, in our cells, in the cellular memory.

The symbols of this work are tools for transcendence and quantum reading of our inner universe, in vibration tune with the Laws that govern the Universe.

According to quantum physics it is possible the existence of two different and simultaneous situations for a given subatomic body. As is also possible the existence of several alternative realities for each individual.[6]  

According to the laws of quantum mechanics, the passage from a certain value to another occurs in a discontinuous way.[7]  

When we transcend a causal universe, we take a quantum leap in our evolutionary process. And as a consequence of this mutation, the whole chain of effects related to this cause that has been transcended becomes void, ceases to exist. We then proceeded to act on another causal vibration. Resulting in change of destiny, cleansing of DNA.

“Etymologically, the term "cryptography" originated from the Greek, formed by the union of the elements kryptós, that means "secret" or "occult", and graphía, that means "writing". Thus, the literal meaning of cryptography is "secret writing."

In daily life, encryption systems are used by ordinary people in software and instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, for example.

Encryption types:

In communications made through electronic devices, the most commonly used method of encryption is the so-called "cryptographic keys".

Cryptographic keys consist of sets of algorithms that encode a publicly readable message in an encrypted text, that is, composed of secret values that can only be deciphered with the correct access code.”[8]  

Explaining the Runic Process:

Runic translation into cryptographic keys (or instruments) makes it possible to unlock the access code to the DNA of individual cosmic origin.

The process is individual and independent, resulting in infinite and different outcomes for each one who access it.

Readings, responses and codes will be read, understood and experienced in different vibrations.

The same symbol will be interpreted, read and conducted in infinite different ways and forms according to the intent and the questioning of each individual.

Intuition is the Guide, and the Path is the Return to Origin, which will be remembered, recreated and reunited to the original source of who we are.

Good diving, good return, good journey.


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