About the author

Cátia Machado dos Santos

Occupation: Conscious Regression Therapist

Date of birth: June 16, 1957 - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

At the age of 19, I started looking for the answers to my present difficulties, my anguish, fears, insecurities; in relation to the world and myself.

No path I have traveled outside and no one has given me these answers. I was never able to find my answers outside of myself.

One night, before going to sleep, I started to question where my answers were, I started to question the cause of my limitations, fears and anguish, but directing these questions into myself, looking for a place inside me where there was a drawer that I could open and discover or remember a piece of my history frozen in time, so I could understand my present, which was all broken and missing pieces.

Little by little I started to remember my dreams more clearly and have flashes of answers to my questions.

This became a daily exercise. I felt that all the answers were inside me and that I was starting to access them.

Gradually, I began to feel that my inner universe was more connected to the outer universe, interconnected; and more and more I saw the synchronicity between the two of them. Just as the structure and mechanism of the two universes were identical.

I experienced the Laws described in the Kybalion book, seeing them as supporting this method. Philosophical, mental and alchemical support, with great capacity for mutation. Everything experientially, not just a mental process.

Then I felt more steady on the path. And the method became clearer to me.

To complement, in a moment of the Journey, I got the Runic stones from a friend. An old alphabet.

I felt in the runic writings the tools of conscious connection between the micro and the macro, as a dynamic, self-evolving, self-conscious and self-transcendent form of the processes.

The writing has been adapting and improving through evolutionary scales of perceptions and understandings of the process and methodology as a whole. Becoming more and more a living tool in the process.

The Runes of this work are unique, they evolved, they are in harmony and conformity with the Laws that govern the universe inside and outside us.

The process can be accessed by anyone who wants to do their inner diving and seek answers within themselves, without masters or intermediaries.

The method consists in questioning the difficulties of the present, searching for the cause, working the cause at a conscious level, through the runic tools and the understanding of the Hermetic Laws. The answers can come through dreams, as well as at a conscious level.

This is my story, and how this method was formed. How I deciphered this method, inside and outside myself.

And this is the method that I use to get to know myself and the world.

May you have a beautiful Journey!

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