God is a particle of the universe in each of us.

Living Universe; Conscious; Immortal.

He is not limited to beliefs, dogmas or religion. He is not limited to faith, he is not limited to believing...

God is not something outside of us, to be reached.

Our immortal spirit is this energy that flows in us and in the universe of forms and non-forms.

And our consciousness is gradually making our reconnection with our soul.

That's God.

He is not a separate person from us.

In immortal spirit we are God. But we have to reconnect with that energy of ours that has been separated from us.

And little by little we are picking up our pieces in the universe.

If God were someone separate from us, then he would be someone very limited.

And unreachable.

In essence we are immortal soul that permeates the entire universe... this is God.

We need to reconnect to the original source of who we really are.


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