Beyond the Mind

Beyond the Mind

According to The Kybalion, the universe is mental. Like math, a mental equation.

The solution to a present difficulty is beyond the mental universe, beyond understanding at the mental level. Because every difficulty in the present is an effect, the cause that must be worked on is in the past.

Coupling at a conscious level with the Soul or Timeless Self, allows us to reach the causal point of transcendence of any difficulty of the present. The Timeless Self is beyond the mental level of consciousness. The Soul transits in all subtle dimensions of space-time consciousness, and reconnected with the conscious mind, it can find, work and rescue at a conscious level the cause of the difficulty of the present stored within us, in our cellular memory, frozen in a parallel world inside and outside of us.

The Timeless Self opens this memory and our conscious mind connected to It works the cause and makes the rescue of this cleansed and renewed energy for the present.

We rescue our energy working the cause of the difficulty where it is at all vibrational levels, harmonizing and reorganizing our inner universe and transcending our present in a great conscious renewal.

The Soul harmonizes our bodies, including our mental body, providing us with the transcendence of any difficulty in the present.

Just with mental understanding, transcendence does not happen.

The Kybalion only reveals the mental mechanism.

Transcendence, mutation, is beyond the mind.

The Soul, the Timeless Self is what makes the alchemy, the mental transmutation.

Only energy on a vibrational scale more subtle than the mind can transmute the mind itself.

There is a quantum mechanism within us that we can tap into. And through conscious understanding of our inner world, we can transcend and rescue any part of us lost in the space-time of our deepest unconscious.

The symbols (which are in my book) are the tools that help us to make this rescue on a conscious level. They decode cellular memory records. These symbols vibrate beyond the mental universe and help in coupling the Timeless Self. As well as cleansing our DNA.


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